How to Build Your Fashion Brand

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Looking to take action and start your own fashion brand?

Looking to change your life but not sure how or where to begin?

How long have you've been thinking about this? Mulling the idea over, debating whether you should do it?

Is it a good idea? can it be profitable? Is it worth pursuing?

How long it will take? How much it will cost?

Where to start??

And..... million other questions you wished you had answers for....

This can all end now!

This Powerful course will teach you how to start and build your own fashion business!

In this course Boaz David, a fashion business expert with nearly 25 years of experience of starting and building successful fashion brands will teach you ALL the the ins and outs of starting a fashion brand!

You can learn ALL of that and more, at your own pace with our exciting, powerful packed with tons of awesome info, tools, inside tips and the fundamental steps course on how to start a fashion brand!

Our mission is to help you turn your fashion dreams into a reality and make a living doing something that you love, good at and passionate about!

Jump start your fashion business today!

Mood U’s powerful curriculum will deliver everything you’ll need to know to start a successful fashion business.

Beginning with an intro into ideal business structures and financial plans, the 6-session course will cover all things branding, including target marketing, sample development, lucrative product pricing, and the best online business practices.


Anyone who has an idea for a fashion product or fashion business and is serious about it. Whether you are looking to make womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories, or even jewelry this course is for you!

You don't need to have any previous experience in the industry and you don't need to know how to sketch, make patterns or sew....You just need an idea and the will to learn!


This in depth course contains 6 separate classes, each covering a different aspect of the a fashion business. You can purchase each of the 6 classes seperetly or buy the complete course right here for a discounted price.

The course includes the following:

  • 6 separate video classes jam packed with info, step by step training, inside tips and advice from our industry expert Boaz David. Which means nearly 25 years of industry experience available JUST FOR YOU!
  • Start-up Designer questionnaire (we highly recomend to complete it before your start your first class and again when you are done with the complete course)
  • FREE industry packet containing:
    • Industry calendar outlining important dates for your fashion business so you can plan your business calendar around.
    • Cost sheet template which will help you build a string , profitable pricing strategy.
    • Start-up budget sheets for you to use to build a string financial plan for your business.

Course Outline:

Class 1 - Introduction to the basics

  • The first steps of starting a fashion business
  • Defining your business concept
  • Choosing your brand entity
  • Conducting a market research
  • Choosing and defining your target customer
  • Forming your business model

Class 2 - The Financials

  • Costing & pricing your product to make sure it's profitable
  • How to calculate your:
    • Startup budget
    • Monthly fixed cost and variable cost
    • Breakeven point
    • Your business cash flow for the first 2 years
  • Financing options

Class 3 - The Design Process

  • The ideal size of the line
  • Translating inspiration to design
  • What to Consider when designing
  • How to design with production in mind
  • Designing your future collections

Class 4 - The Development Process

  • Sourcing materials & vendors
  • A step by step process of developing a fashion product
  • How to work with a pattern makers and samples room
  • Tips and strategies to make the development of your line easier, faster, and more cost effective

Class 5 - Sales & Marketing

  • Wholesale vs Retail
  • Creating a Marketing plan
  • How to work with retailers
  • Selling tools:
    • Line sheets
    • Look Books
    • Order forms
  • Presenting your fashion line to buyers
  • Selling via E-commerce
  • Pros & cons of hiring a sales rep or PR company
  • Pros & cons of doing trade shows

Class 6 - the Production Process

  • Domestic vs Offshore production
  • Finding and working with contractors
  • Production step by step
  • Common production mistakes to avoid
  • Price negotiation tips

WHEN: This class is available now, simply sign up now and start to listen right away and at your own pace.

WHERE: This is an online course in the form of video tutorials. Sign up and watch it right here from the convenience of your own computer, phone or tablet.

What other designers say about this course:

"I received a wealth of information. Coming into the class with no idea how to streamline an art that i have practiced for years was priceless, giving me a new starting point.” Michelle

"I honestly can say everything about this course was helpful. my trips from DC to New York every week was well worth it. Looking forward to next workshop.
A major difference I now have a better idea of where and how to start.” Tylia

“I liked how open and honest the instructor was with the pros and cons. He was very “stating the facts” - and we could make our own choices.” Diana

“The best business decision I’ve ever made!” Nkiruka

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your Instructor

Boaz David
Boaz David

Boaz is a fashion designer with over 20 years industry experience in the contemporary and young designer markets where he established himself as an expert in technical/garment construction and production. Boaz was responsible for setting up, restructuring and directing design and production departments for highly acclaimed brands such as Yigal Azrouel, Nili Lotan, Alice & Trixie and Raven among others, including his own namesake women’s brand which was sold in high-end specialty stores throughout the US and around the world. Recently through Human B. Boaz was instrumental in launching the highly buzzed about brands: Pret A Surf, Daniel Vosovic, Alvin Valley and Adeam.

Courses Included with Purchase

Class 1 - The First Steps of starting a Fashion Brand
How to Build Your Fashion Brand
Boaz David
Class 2 - The Financials of your Fashion Business
How to Build Your Fashion Brand
Boaz David
Class 3 - The Design Process
How to Build Your Fashion Brand
Boaz David
Class 4 - Developing a Fashion Product
How to Build Your Fashion Brand
Boaz David
Class 5 - Sales & Marketing
How to Build Your Fashion Brand
Boaz David
Class 6 - Producing Your Fashion Product
How to Build Your Fashion Brand
Boaz David

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