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Are You Ready to Stop Dreaming and Take Action?

You’ve probably got a thousand questions in your mind… How much money will I need? How long will it take? What do I need and where do I start? Before you take another step, you need to get thoughtful answers and accurate info to these and many other questions. You see, Building a fashion...


Building successful fashion brand starts with planning.

Many designers hold the belief that a business plan is only used for financial planning, but this commonplace ideal is not only incorrect, it’s damaging. Business plans do a multitude of things from figuring out the financial aspects, like budgetary issues in each stage and how much money will...


Are you busy or are you productive?

Do you find yourself constantly busy, yet you never seem to get enough work done? A recent study on productivity shows that being busy doesn’t mean being productive, and that a longer work week is not the answer to better and more productive work. Out of 38 countries that were researched by the...